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Adventskalender: 15. Türchen

Auf https://www.quora.com/I-am-looking-for-the-Star-Trek-phonetic-alphabet-Anyone-have-it findet man folgendes phonetisches Star-Trek-Alphabet:

A is for augmentations, which are illegal.

B is for Barclay, the officer who stutters.

C is for Chuckles, the worst first officer in the fleet.

D is for Data, Starfleet’s licenced Pinocchio imitation, and the reason you’re not allowed to mistreat certain holographic doctors.

E is for Enterprise, the name Starfleet gives to the ships we like the best.

F is for Ferengi, the only species you’re officially allowed to be horribly racist about.

G is for Guinan, Starfleet’s official Whoopi Goldberg vehicle.

H is for “hi, how are you doing?”, which is the only way you’re allowed to respond to an attack.

I is for ‘iso’, which, for a laugh, was the only measurement prefix we made available to the crew of the Starship Voyager.

J is for Janeway, an infamous war criminal.

K is for kiloquad, which is how we measure computer memory without it instantly being outclassed by 300 year old technology.

L is for LaForge, Starfleet’s primary technobabble distributor.

M is for military, the thing we are not. Remember that during our next war, please.

N is for neutrino, the particle we use when we can’t think of an explanation for something.

O is for orphans, who finally felt lucky for once after we started sending kids into space with their parents.

P is for Picard, the baldest captain.

Q is for Q, the trans-dimensional cuntwaffle.

R is for Regula, the only class of space station Starfleet has ever commissioned besides Spacedock.

S is for Starfleet. You were paying attention at the Academy, right?

T is for tetryon, the particle we use when we’ve used neutrino too many times in one sentence.

U is for universal translator, the thing that makes other people make sense without making sense itself.

V is for Voyager, the ship that came back despite our best efforts.

W is for Weyoun, whom Starfleet Intelligence believes to be an immortal god-like being that’s been masquerading as various different individuals throughout history. Please report all sightings to your superior officer immediately and maintain a safe distance.

X is for Xindi, which was apparently a very important civilisation at one point yet nobody’s ever mentioned them for some reason.

Y is for Yamato, which only existed so that we could have a crack at blowing up the Enterprise.

Z is for Zefram Cochrane, our lord and drunken saviour.

Danke dafür!

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3 Jahre zuvor

Irgendwas? Kein Problem. 😉 Juhu, ihr habt es geschafft, dass ich mich mal über die Erwähnung von Nemesis freue. Das ist wirklich erwähnenswert! 😉 Ich zahle auch ordentlich Steuern als Freiberufler, aber ich muss sagen, ich zahle auch gerne. Man kann über die Höhe reden, 😉 aber ich mag ja z.B. Straßen und bin froh, dass ich meinen Teil geben kann. Vor allem bin ich dankbar und froh, dass ich arbeiten kann. Die freiberufliche Perspektive macht für vieles sensibel und dankbar. Andreas, wenn du dich rasierst hast du also lila Haut und spitze Ohren? Als Kind hab ich mich immer… Weiterlesen »

3 Jahre zuvor

Beispiele für Vulkanische Captains:

Zu Beginn von Star Trek 2 ist Spock Captain des Ausbildungsschiffes USS Enterprise.
Dann gibt es Captain Solok, aus der DS9 Episode mit dem Baseballspiel.

Meine Antwort wäre gewesen:
USS Titan unter Captain Riker. Ein Schiff voller fremder Spezies – das wäre super…

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